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New HiFiMAN HE-1000 In Stock and
Special Deal with HeadAmp GS-X mk2 Amplifier
July 12, 2015

HiFiMAN's new flagship headphone, the HE-1000, is now in stock and ships immediately - order it here! For a limited time we are also offering a $500 discount on the GS-X mk2 when purchased with a HiFiMAN HE-1000. To receive this discount, order a HE-1000 and GS-X mk2 and you'll receive the discount when making your final payment on the GS-X mk2 (current lead time is 4 weeks).

HiFiMAN: HE-560 now in stock!
July 7, 2014

The eagerly awaited HiFiMAN HE-560 is now in stock, ready to ship immediately. This is a great headphone and offers significant improvements in weight, build, design, and sound compared to earlier models. Go to the order page to buy a pair.

HiFiMAN: HE-400 now $299, HE-500 $599
January 27, 2014

While supplies last, the HiFiMAN HE-400 and HE-500 headphones are now $299 and $599! We have no idea if this is a temporary sale price or new pricing. Go to the order page to buy a pair.

Audeze LCD-2 Headphones Sale
December 13, 2013

While supplies last, the Audeze LCD-2 Black Friday sale is back from December 13-19! Available with leather pads/headband or leather-free (vegan). Go to the order page to buy a pair.

Note: We can only ship Audeze headphones to addresses in the United States.

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sales Now Over
November 29, 2013 (updated December 3, 2013)

Thank you for a very successful Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale (especially on the HiFiMAN HE-400 headphone --- we more than sold out and have the backordered headphones on the way). Audeze LCD-2 (mostly bamboo) were also sold out, as the sale was announced at the last minute by Audeze. We quickly ordered more pairs that should be here soon

We will be sending out an email as soon as time allows to inform on the status of the remaining HiFiMAN HE-400 and Audeze LCD-2 orders.

If you send an email (to about the status or question regarding a backorder, please use HiFiMAN HE-400 Backorder or Audeze LCD-2 Backorder as the email subject.

Audeze LCD-X/XC Now In Stock + Black Friday
November 25, 2013

Check out the order page as the new Audeze LCD-X and LCD-XC are now in stock! These headphones have the black rings and the XC have bubinga wood cups.

On Black Friday, we will have the HiFiMAN HE-400 for $299. We ordered 20 pairs for this deal, and it's looking like that might not have been enough -- so place your order early. If we do run out of stock, the website will be updated, and you will still be able to get it on backorder at that price.

There will also be some rare sale prices on some of the best Sennheiser headphones.


Holiday Headphone Sales + Black Friday Preview
November 17, 2013

Check out the order page for some factory authorized headphone sales (this means they still come with a warranty, be careful buying elsewhere).

featuring the Sennheiser HD700 - was $999.95, now $649.95!

Check back on Black Friday for a fantastic deal on the HiFiMAN HE-400 as well as rare sale prices on the Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800, and Momentum.

HeadAmp now authorized dealer for Fostex and Sennheiser headphones.  Free NEXT DAY shipping for the summer!
June 17, 2013

HeadAmp is now an authorized dealer for Fostex and Sennheiser headphones!  We still have Audeze, HiFiMAN, and STAX, too, including the latest models.  In celebration of this, we are going to offer free next day shipping again on all headphone orders!  Just use the promo code "NEXTDAYSUMMER" in the shopping cart on the Order page.

Fostex headphones: TH-600, TH-900
Sennheiser headphones: HD598, Momentum, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800

Free NEXT DAY Shipping on Audeze, HiFiMAN, STAX
and Picos Amps/DACs!
December 19, 2012

Thru the end of 2012, we are offering FREE next day shipping by FedEx for all Audeze, HiFiMAN, and STAX headphone orders.  Orders placed before 4PM EST should ship the same day.  We are also offering the free shipping on our Pico portable Amps & DACs, which will ship the same or next day.  Just enter discount code "NEXTDAY" in the shopping cart. 

Note: you will not see the price change as we already offer free ground shipping, but be assured that the discount code has been applied.

International orders will receive free standard shipping.

Audeze in stock: LCD-2 (bamboo & rosewood), LCD-3
HiFiMAN in stock: HE-400, HE-500, HE-6
STAX in stock: SR-507, SR-007 MK2, SR-009 + amplifiers

You might have noticed we are now an authorized STAX dealer and we're taking pre-orders for the upcoming STAX "in-the-earspeakers".

Visit the HeadAmp Order Page to see our extended selection.

Free Shipping, Audeze & HiFiMAN Headphones,
and Pico Power Pre-Orders
September 8, 2012

We now have a new improved order page/shopping cart system.  It accepts PayPal, Google, and just regular credit/debit cards.  Try it here and get free domestic or international shipping this month only!

We are also now authorized dealers for Audeze and HiFiMAN headphones.  Right now, the Audeze LCD-D, LCD-3 and the HiFiMAN HE-500, HE-6 are in stock for immediate shipment.

Finally, you can now place pre-orders for the upcoming Pico Power portable amp.  To do so, please post in this thread:
If you are not a Head-Fi member, you can email your pre-order request to

More Updates on Availability & New Colors
May 18, 2012

The Order page has been updated with the new colors and wait times for our products.

Pico DAC/Amp
In Stock - Black, Silver, Gray, Purple, Gold, Blue, Red, Orange

Pico Portable Amp
In Stock - Black, Silver

Pico Upsampling USB DAC
In Stock - Black

Pico Slim
In Stock - Black, Silver, Gray, Purple, Gold, Blue, Red, Orange

Blue Hawaii SE Electrostatic Amp (BHSE)
We are currently taking refundable deposits for the next production run that will be built this summer. 

Aristaeus Electrostatic Amp
One more small production run of the Aristaeus, and they'll be ready by end of summer/early fall. Make a refundable deposit to reserve an amp.

GS-1 Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp
Now sold out.

GS-X Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp
Wait time is currently 12 weeks.

New Address - Important
July 25, 2011

Our address has changed.  Please check the Contact Us page for details.

Order Now - 10% of your purchase will go to relief efforts in Japan (March 16 - March 24)
March 16, 2011

From March 16 thru March 24, Eastern Standard Time, we will donate 10% of all order revenues to benefit relief efforts in Japan, from the earthquake and tsunami.

All our amps/DACs/accessories can be ordered here through PayPal/Google Checkout/Credit Card.

The "fine print" since I'm sure some will ask.

- This is a donation of 10% the total amount we receive by PayPal/Google Checkout, after they take their fees, and excluding shipping costs. It is not 10% of "profits" or anything tricky like that.
- If the order is for a Blue Hawaii SE, and you make the required 1/4 deposit, then it is 10% of that deposit that will be donated.

Leather case now included with all Pico
March 15, 2011

Effective immediately, the custom leather case will be included with all Pico Portable Amp, Pico USB DAC/Amp, and Pico Upsampling USB DAC orders (it was previously available for $15).

A leather case has always been included with the Pico Slim amp.

GS-1 Amplifier: Now In Stock
December 16, 2010

The GS-1 is now In Stock, as all pending orders have been shipped.

Pico Slim Portable Amp: Lead Time Update
November 29, 2010

Now that all orders from the pre-order list have shipped, the lead time for the Pico Slim has been reduced from 8 weeks to 2 weeks.

The Pico Slim can be ordered on the Order page.

GS-1, GS-X Amplifiers: Lead Time Update
November 29, 2010

The lead time for the GS-1 and GS-X amplifiers has been reduced from 8 weeks to 4 weeks.

Weekend + Cyber Monday Sale: Pico USB DAC
November 27, 2010

Saturday, Nov 27 thru Monday, Nov 29, receive 20% off the Pico Upsampling USB DAC.  You must use the purchase buttons below to receive the special pricing.


View Cart

Pico Slim Portable Amp: Now Open to Website Orders
September 3, 2010

The new Pico Slim Portable Amp is now available to order on this website.  New orders placed here will ship in the order they are received, AFTER existing pre-orders (see the below post) have shipped.  The estimated wait at this time is 8 weeks.

You can find the Pico Slim on the Order page. 

If you have already placed a pre-order on Head-Fi, there is no need to order again, it may just cause a delay.

Pico Slim Portable Amp: Pre-Ordering Now Open
December 10, 2009

The Pico Slim Portable Amp can now be pre-ordered here: Pico Slim Pre-Order Requests

We are offering a special price for any amps ordered during the pre-order period, which will be open until the first amps are ready to ship.

Also, a lifetime warranty and lifetime batteries is being offered for the first 250 units only.  This special status will be engraved onto each amp.  See the pre-order thread for more details.

Pico Slim Portable Amp: Update
November 25, 2009

Please keep checking the Head-Fi Pico Slim Sponsored Thread for the latest updates on the Pico Slim portable amp.

Pico USB DAC/Amp: All Colors Now in Stock
June 10, 2009

The Pico USB DAC/Amp is now in stock in all colors.  Please always check the Order page for the latest status.

Pico Slim Portable Amp: A Preview
May 5, 2009

A release of a new portable amp, the Pico Slim, is planned for late summer.  What will the Pico Slim offer?

- Thinner than an iPod Classic or iPhone (about 0.4" thin).
- 1.75" wide front panel with 3.5mm input & output, volume knob, and illuminated power switch; 3" length.
- Up to 4.2V/250mA output per channel
- 40 to 50 hour battery life (Lithium Polymer).
- Charging by USB or DC Adapter.
The above specifications are subject to change.

But most importantly the Pico Slim is different.  The heart of the Pico Slim is a feature not found on any other portable amp.  With the growing popularity of IEMs that have extreme sensitivity, portable amps have enough power but fall short in other areas.  The Pico Slim will solve these problems and still be a fraction of the size of other portable amps.  That's why the Pico Slim will make the most sense as the amplifier in your portable rig.

A few months ago, an early prototype was sent to a Head-Fi member for evaluation.  Here are his thoughts.  Parts of these impressions have been removed to hide details of the Pico Slim's design.

"I believe that [the Pico Slim] is the perfect solution for IEMs. It's the no holds barred approach to dealing with providing an amp for IEMs. The degree to which you can ___________ is insane. [The Pico Slim] is a design tailored specifically to address the issues with current tech portable amps, namely the fact that it is impossible to ____________. So [HeadAmp] dealt with this in a way that as far as I know has never been done in any headphone amp, portable or otherwise. So you custom IEM freaks might want to be on the lookout, you ain't seen nothing like it."

For now, we're keeping the feature that sets the Pico Slim apart under wraps.  More info will be revealed this month at CanJam 2009 - be sure to bring your IEMs and full-size headphones too!

Pico Upsampling USB DAC Available for Pre-Order
March 9, 2009

The Pico Upsampling USB DAC is now available for pre-ordering.  We are taking pre-orders through a Sponsored Thread on Head-Fi.  You can also place a pre-order by sending an email to  Please specify what color you want (black or silver), the country you live in, and if you want a USB Mini-B cable for $5 - they are available in 1, 3, or 6 foot lengths.  See the Sponsored Thread on Head-Fi for detailed information about the Pico Upsampling USB DAC.

Blue Hawaii SE Electrostatic Headphone Amp
March 9, 2009

The first Blue Hawaii SE (BHSE) electrostatic headphone amp has been completed and shipping will begin.  The BHSE has sold out, but another run is planned for this summer.  Please see our Order page if you're interested in reserving a spot for a BHSE.

Some photos of the first unit are below (click for enlargements).

Electrostatic Headphone Amp Page Updated
January 28, 2009

The Electrostatic Headphone Amp page has been updated with a spot for the upcoming Blue Hawaii SE (BHSE).  Some photos of the prototype unit have been made available.  The first BHSE orders will begin shipping in about 3 weeks.

HeadAmp Audio in 2009
January 2, 2009

Here are some updates and new products to expect from HeadAmp in the first few months of 2009.

  • The Pico USB DAC/Amp will be in stock for next day shipment in most of the popular colors

  • The Pico USB DAC will be released - this will be just a DAC, with both RCA and mini line outputs.  It's the same great DAC found in the Pico USB DAC/Amp, but no headphone amp, battery, or charger.  Check Head-Fi for a sponsored thread soon.

  • Wait time on the GS-1 and GS-X amps will drop to no more than 1 week.

  • The Gilmore Lite and AE-2 have been in stock and that will continue.

We'll also be creating a newsletter for new product announcements, special offers, and even asking for your input on future products.  The first newsletter will be sent out to all email addresses that have placed an order with us before.  If you have never placed an order but would like to be added to the subscriber list please send an email to

HeadAmp Order Page Updated
December 14, 2008

We have extensively updated the Order page.  Here is a summary of the changes.

Please Contact Us if you find any bugs, mistakes, or have questions about the new Order page.

HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/Headphone Amp
December 2, 2008

The HeadAmp Pico is a new portable headphone amp, with a unique optional 24/96 USB DAC.

We have been taking orders through a Sponsored Thread on, or you can send an email with your request to As time permits, the Pico Pre-Order List page will be updated.

The current wait time is 4-6 weeks, and once the order backlog has been cleared they will be available for purchase on our Order page. However, the fastest way to get a Pico is to ask now!

Blue Hawaii SE Electrostatic Headphone Amp
December 2, 2008

A new version of the Blue Hawaii electrostatic amp will be shipping soon to those who have made a reservation for one of the 20 units to be built. All have been reserved and because of the demand, another run of the Blue Hawaii SE will be built to ship in Spring/Summer 2009.  A reservation can be made with a refundable 25% deposit on the Order page.

The Blue Hawaii SE features a separate power supply of a new design, many improvements to the amplifier circuitry, higher quality components, and build quality on a new level for electrostatic headphone amps. Inputs are 2 RCA and 1 XLR, and a set of XLR and RCA tape outputs. There are 2 headphone outputs, which can be for Stax or Sennheiser Orpheus, or one of each. The volume control is a DACT CT2 stepped attenuator or an optional Alps RK50 potentiometer.